Property insurance

Once it is completed, a building must be covered by its property owner if he uses the site or not, if it is a residential building, an office, a commercial center or an industrial site.

To protect himself from the possible risks due to the building, the property owner needs to cover his civil liability in case the building would cause damages to a third party (for instance a fire that would extend to the neighbor building, a tile falling on a pedestrian…).

It is also necessary to cover the damages caused to the building (water damages, degradations, electrical damages…).

A contract called Propriétaire Non Occupant (PNO) combines all these guarantees. For you, BMS will adapt them depending on the type of building, its surface and its future destination.

A tender bid will then be conducted among the several insurance companies.

Afterwards, we will compare the different insurer proposals and help you to make the best choice.

Our team at BMS will then be available to provide you with information, answer your questions, deal with your losses and advise you over the life time of the contract.

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