How we operate

Our method is based on strong values which are well-represented by the members of the firm. They are the reason of our reputation on the market and those values enabled us to keep a continuing growth, even if we move in a realistic and slow market.

Transparency and information

Construction insurance is complicated enough for French professionals, and even more so for foreign companies. Contractor's All Risk Insurance (in French Tous Risques Chantier or TRC), Professional Indemnity insurance (Responsabilité Civile du Maître d'Ouvrage or RCMO), decennial liability insurance (Responsabilité Civile Décennale), and Dommage Ouvrage (DO) are for many people complicated notions. Nevertheless, they are quite easy to explain and understand for a professional broker.

That is why each meeting with a client is followed by accurate minutes to ensure that we are on the same wavelength, but also to inform the client of the future actions of the firm.

This method reassures the client and allows us to earn time and efficiency.

Proximity and expertise

Our proximity is not only physical as we carry out several projects abroad, in France and of course in Paris where we are located.

Our experience allows us to know when there are difficult times in the construction. As a consequence we are present at these times of "trouble" thanks to the trust and close collaboration that we have built with the client.

When a loss occurs, we go onsite in order to give the best advice to our client on the protective measures to take. We stay close to our client until the complete settlement of the loss.

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